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Standard Piercing Procedure

One of the more common question I'm asked is how do you do the piercing? There is a set of steps that are taken for each piercing. There is a lot of thought that went into this, including reducing the chances of cross contamination. 


  1. Piercer gives the piercee a pre-piercing consultation.
  2. The piercer washes hands with an anti-bacterial soap, warm running water for 30 seconds.
  3. The piercer & Piercee select jewelry.
  4. The Piercer IDs the Piercee to insure that the piercee is 18 years of age or old or has proper consent.
  5. The piercer reads & reviews the release form with the piercee.
  6. The piercee then fills out & signs the release form.
  7. The piercer then scrubs using a surgical scrub and warm running water.
  8. The piercer disinfects the piercing set up area with a hospital grade hard surface cleaner.
  9. The piercer lays out a moisture residant towel, drape or dental bib.
  10. The piercer places all the packaged sterile items on the towel.
  11. The piercer dons a pair of fresh gloves.
  12. The piercer unwraps the items need for the procedure & drops them on the towel.
  13. The piercer then disinfects the piercing area(skin of the piercee) with a surgical scrub.
  14. The piercer cleans off the scrub after has been in contact with the skin for at least 60 seconds.
  15. The piercer marks the piercing.
  16. The piercer preforms the piercing.
  17. The piercer places all contaminated items in their proper place.
  18. The piercer Washes hands with surgical scrub & warm running water.
  19. The piercer disinfects the piercing set up area with a hard surface cleaner
  20. Lastly the piercer fills out and reviews the aftercare instruction sheet.