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The Axion Body Piercing Studio and Skin Kitchen Tattoo will be closed until further notice. On December 18th, 2017 a structure fire broke out in the Plaza Lanes building that completely destroyed the Des Moines Landmark. The studio had been located in the eastern addition to the building since 2003. Even though our building did not suffer from fire damage, there was extensive water damage and the structure of the building itself is in question.


Currently, Jack and the Skin Kitchen crew are working on a new location that will hopefully be open sometime after the first of the year. In the days to follow I hope to find more and will pass along more information as it becomes available.


In the meantime, I'm currently not piercing. I've considering a couple of possible guest spots but a lot of my equipment, supplies and all the items that I need to do piercings that was destroyed and/or contaminated. Some of these items may be covered by insurance but at this point, it is unknown how long that will take or what will be covered. I'm committed to reopening and continuing the journey that I began in 1994. I hope that you have valued the experience that I have supplied over the years and wish to see that continue. If you would like to help guarantee that I'm able to do that, I have set up a way to donate toward the studio reopening. . 


Please fill free to donate what you can and once I'm up and going I plan on applying the donations to your future piercings. 



December 19th, 2017


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