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Tongue Piercing

HISTORY: The Tongue piercing is only about 10 years old but is fastly becoming one of the most popular piercings done today.

ADVANTAGES: Makes kissing and oral sex more interesting.

DISADVANTAGES & CONCERNS: The main concern is damage to the bones on the top and bottom of the month, gums and teeth. This is why down sizing the length of the barbell within 7 to 10 day after the piercing is preformed..

MAIN HASSLES: The worst part of the Tongue piercing is the swelling in the first 3-5 days which makes eating and speech difficult. A change in diet is need to reduce swelling. We suggest cutting down on your intake of Alcohol, tobacco, spicy foods and ingesting other harass items. Also cross contamination prevention is needed(such as no deep mouth kissing for 8 weeks). Do to swelling the piercing is preformed with a longer barbell and needs to be reduced asap.

  • Healing Time: 2 - 4 weeks
  • Axiom base Price with 14g Implant Grade Steel Barbell - $60.00
  • Pain level on a scale of 1-10 between 2-3

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