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Pregnancy and Body Piercing

In this installment of my piercing blog on removing jewelry, I will be covering Pregnancy and Body Piericng. I think it is important to point out right from the start that if you are pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant that you should not consider getting a piercing at all. this is especially true if you are considering areas of the body that are greatly effected during pregnancy like the navel, nipples or genital area. 

The greatest risk of getting a piercing during pregnancy is the possible introduction of a foreign pathogen during or after the piercing. Thus causing an infection that could spread and effect the health of both mother and child. There is also the increased stress caused by getting a piercing that could could cause unforeseen complications. In addition, healing a piercing during pregnancy can put an unneeded stress on your immune system. Also the additional strain on the immune system and your body can prolong the healing period, increasing the risk of infection.

When it comes to existing and well healed piercings, it really depends on the location of the piercing and whether the birth is going to be natural or not. If you are pregnant I'm sure you have been spending a great deal of time planning out your near future and taking steps not only to insure a healthily child but that you are prepared to take care of the child after they enter this world. Part of that planning has included taking steps to reduce risks to your health and that of the child. One of those risks that you should consider is if something goes wrong and it will require an intrusive procedure like surgery. If you are at a high risk to this possibility I would suggest removing the jewelry and replacing it with a nonmetallic material as I've mentioned in my other blogs on medical procedures and body jewelry. 

You also need to consider that your body will be going through vast changes during the pregnancy and often changing the shape and I'm sorry to bring this up but size of your body. Since a majority of jewelry is made of rigid materials they will not expand or flex during these changes. This can cause piercings to tear, migrate, scar or become embedded. With navel piercings even if the piercing doesn't become damaged during the pregnancy, the piercing will more than likely migrate or move. If you are dead set on keeping the piercing you should consider larger jewelry and jewelry that is made of a nonmetallic flexible material. Though it is my experience, especially with navel piercings that the shape of the navel may greatly change making the placement incorrect in the end.

If you are going to breast feed and have your nipples pierced it shouldn't be effected. Nipple piercing does cause some of the milk ducts in the nipple to reroute or close but since a majority of the duct are in fact located in the areola the piercing should not effect breast feeding. I would like to stress that if the piercing is not well healed or well not be by the time of birth, remove them to reduce the chances of infection and other problems during breast feeding. Not only because why create a problem if you don't have to but because you don't want to create a situation where you are unable to breast feed. However, you really should consider that jewelry is not the best thing to have in a new born's mouth. Meaning the jewelry should be removed when feeding, adding yet an additional complication to it. You may find a balance wearing larger standard barbells and then removing them during feeding but this can be a hassle to say the least. Also you need to consider tenderness and swelling may require larger jewelry to allow additional room for swelling.