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Policy on Piercing Minors

DaVo and the Axiom Body Piercing Studio will pierce minors with the consent of a legal guardian. There is no Iowa State or local law prohibiting or regulating the piercing of minors. However, for ethical reasons we will not pierce minors without consent. Other then the belief that it is ethically wrong, there is the issue of liability. Since a minor is not legally responsible for their own action, signing a release form has no legal baring. Meaning that if the guardian has issues with the minor being pierced, something happens during the piercing procedure or during the healing, The Axiom and DaVo could be held liable. Which puts into question why any professional and ethical piercer would consider piercing a minor without consent. Also there is no legal difference between a minor that is over the age of 16 and one that is under 16.

We require one of the following to pierce anyone under the age of 18:


  • A parent present to sign a consent form. If the minor has a court appointed guardian, we require a photo copy of the court order.
  • If the parent or legal guardian can not be present at the time of the piercing. They can stop by and fill out and sign the consent form in advance.  
  • If the parent or legal guardian can not be present at the time of the piercing or stop by and fill out and sign the consent form in advance, we would require a notarized letter of consent. Meaning that the guardian writes a letter to consent the minor to be pierced and then signs in the presence of a Notary. Thus providing third party verification that consent was given by the minor's guardian. For a download of a suggested consent form go to
  • If the minor has been emancipated, we require a photo copy of the emancipation proclamation. 

For those with infants, toddles and preteens, there are a number of reasons that the Axiom and DaVo refuse to pierce them and strongly suggest waiting until the child is much older. For more information go to my blog on the subject - Piercing Infants and Small Children

I would also suggest minors considering a piercing and parents considering having their child pierced, read my blog on the subject -  I will pierce minors but .... a parent and child guide.