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Eyebrow Piecing

The eyebrow is a modern piercing They have been wrongly accused of being prone to migration due in part to the fact that they are (to a degree) a surface to surface piercing. Many have had a great deal of luck piercing with a standard or curved barbell, but the barbells tend to make cleaning a great deal harder. Also the added weight and pressure from the barbell can lead to some migration. Often it really depends on how the brow is formed. I tend to have better luck with a 18g or 16g Captive Bead Ring and then replacing the jewelry with a curved barbell after healing. Eyebrow piercing is located traditionally on the outer brow on the edge of the eye.


  • Healing Time is 8-12 weeks
  • Common Jewelry 18g to 14g 5/16 to 3/8
  • Axiom base price with 18g or 16g Implant Grade Steel Captive Bead Ring - $55.00

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