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Cleaning Piercings with Q-Tips Pros & Cons by a Piercer S02 EP33

In Season 2 Episode 32, DaVo, a Professional Piercer since 1994, covers the Pros and Cons of using q-tips or cotton tip applicators to clean healing piercings.

I aka DaVo have been a professional body piercer and is the owner of the Axiom Body Piercing Studio in Des Moines, Iowa since 1994. My focus on education and helping clients make safe and informed decisions on getting pierced has always been a large part of my business practices and services. With my website and increasingly on youtube, I hope to expand and inform others outside of my small part of the world. I always encourage questions and comments, so if you have one, please comment. 

Show Notes:

Also known as

  • Cotton Tip Applicators

  • Cotton Swabs

  • Cotton Buds


Was invented by Leo Gerstenzang in 1923 after watching his wife clean their infant’s ears with wads of cotton attached to tooth picks.

Originally called “Baby Gays” because they were designed to be used on infants and then renamed “Q-Tips Baby Gays” with the Q standing for quality. Then becoming commonly knows as Q-Tips.


  1. Everyone has them

  2. Can get into small places

  3. Easy to apply

  4. Easy to Clean up with

  5. Cheap


  1. Contamination

  2. Loose cotton fibers

  3. Can remove helpful discharge and clots

  4. Can catch on the jewelry

  5. Can damage healing tissue

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