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2021 Prince Albert Piercing Pros & Cons by a Piercer S02 EP23

In Season 2 Episode 23, DaVo, a Professional Piercer since 1994, covers the Pros and Cons of the Male Genital Piercing the Prince Albert Piercings. In season 2 he also covers: What You Should Know Before Getting the Piercing, The Piercing Experience, Healing, Jewelry, Living with the Piercing, and Abandoning the Piercing.

I aka DaVo have been a professional body piercer and is the owner of the Axiom Body Piercing Studio in Des Moines, Iowa since 1994. My focus on education and helping clients make safe and informed decisions on getting pierced has always been a large part of my business practices and services. With my website and increasingly on youtube, I hope to expand and inform others outside of my small part of the world. I always encourage questions and comments, so if you have one, please comment. 

Show Notes:

PAC S02 EP23 Prince Albret Piercings


  • Pierced on the bottom side of the penis just below the Glans into the urethra.

  • Dead centered or to the side your dress to

  • Foreskin depends on the anatomy

  • The most popular of all male genital piercings


  • Developed by Jim Ward at the Gauntlet in the 1970s.

  • The “Dressing Ring” Myth can be traced to a pamphlet by Doug Malloy that claimed that it was worn by Prince Alert.

  • The Needle Receiving Tube was developed for this piercing


  1. Increases sexual pleasure.

  2. Established

  3. Not that painful

  4. easy heal

  5. Easy to hide


  1. Urinating

  2. More acceptable to STDs and condoms

  3. Stretches on its own

  4. Bleeding

  5. Your Partner may not like it.


Things to look for:

  • Piercer is experienced in this piercing, professional, informative and make you feel comfortable, and offer a consultation that involves aftercare, risks, etc… The piercer should evaluate your anatomy.

  • The piercer should have proof that they have done a number of these

  • Should have correct jewelry as in 12g or larger CBR, or CBB

  • More acceptable to STDs even after healing

  • Understand you may need to adapt to sitting to urinating

  • Must wear a condom for six months

  • Bleeding and Sanitary Napkins and pads

  • Does your piercer have a private area

  • Wear clothing that is loose-fitting and easy to remove.

  • Does the piercer provide aftercare products and written and verbal aftercare instruction?

The Piercing Experience:

  • Consultation & Jewelry Selection

  • Waiver, Set Up, and Disinfection

  • Marking should be done to match the anatomy and if the tendon in the center is really pronounced it should be done to the side that you dress. This is also the case if you have a foreskin

  • A Needle Receiving Tube is lubricated and inserted into the urethra and lined up with the marking.

  • Pierced from the outside inward at a 90-degree angle. The tissue is very soft and thin.

  • The jewelry is placed against the backside of the needle

  • The jewelry is inserted into the piercing.

  • The jewelry is closed

  • You take a look and the piercer will place a gauze sponge with saline against the piercing area and pull the glove over the piercing and hold it in place with a rubber band.

  • There may be some slight to moderate bleeding.

  • Usually, you will feel pretty much nothing afterward.

  • Piercing is sensitive to the touch.

  • Some bruising can occur


  • The average healing time is 6-8 weeks or longer, I suggest 3 months

  • Clean with saline twice daily

  • Must practice cross-contamination prevention and isolate and avoid any contact with the piercing.

    • Clean hands

    • no oral contact

    • Make sure utensils are clean

    • No Swimming

    • Keep Pets Away

  • Avoid playing with the piercing or excessive movement

  • Sex when ready, gentle at first, if you experience pain, stop and rest or try something else.

  • Use large reservoir condom to avoid non-water based lubricants, spermicide, and reactive lubricants or gels

  • Bleeding can last up to five days, wear a pad

  • First 3-5 days you can experience redness/discolor, heat, and tenderness to the touch.


  • should leave jewelry in at all times

  • Best Jewelry Options:

    • CBR

    • Circular Barbell

    • Curved Barbell with the larger ball in the front.

Living with the piercing:

  • The jewelry should be left in at all times.

  • Urination options:

    • sitting

    • the twist method

    • Plug method

  • Stretching

  • Chastity

Abandoning the piercing:

  • If the piercing is still healing the piercing should close quickly. Practice cross-contamination

  • Piecing has a long history of not closing.

Additional Information:



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