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Got this out a little late and there isn't much to report for the month of June. In part because I'm having issues with my personal site However, I did a lot of piercings, met some wonderful people and saw a few great shows. Here's hoping that everyone had a great 4th of July and a little bit about what is going at the studio and in the world of DaVo.

Axiom Body Piercing News:

Latest Piercing Blogs:

The Iowa State Law on Piercing Minors

Due to the fact that this subject comes up on a regular bases, I felt that maybe it was time to address the issue and set the facts straight. Also I go into the reasons that I will not pierce minors without parental consent and why others shouldn't either.

July Special 

Due to the fact that the special did so well in June, I've extended the special an additional month. $15 off the piercing of your choice with basic jewelry on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Please go here for details and the code word.

Days The Axiom will Not be Open in July:

The Axiom was closed on Tuesday July 4th and will also be closed Tuesday July 18th

Skin Kitchen Tattoo News:

20th Anniversary Renovation:

Jack and the SKT crew are nearing the end of the renovation of the studio and I hope to post some 360 photos in the near future of our new digs. Also coming soon a new version of the Skin Kitchen Tattoo Website.

Seeking Tattoo Artists:

Skin Kitchen Tattoo is currently seeking Tattoo Artists to join their team. If you are an established and experienced artist, please contact them at

Latest DaVo News:

Personal Website Issues:

Though I have about 5 new blogs developing inside my head, I haven't been able to post anything to the site. Out of laziness and general lack of time, I bought a third party theme which has had issues from the beginning. Though I like the layout and the features there has been endless conflict with the Drupal core code and some modules. The first encounter was when I did the first major update to the Drupal core code and began to get errors and white pages. Then there was a number of conflicts with the modules. After an hour of trying to figure out what the conflict is, at last I at least got the site to the point where it would display. Now the issue is the conflicts between the theme, third party modules and the core will not allow me to post to the site at all.

I hope to get in there this month and move all the content into a new theme. Hopefully it won't be a complete rebuild.

Upcoming Shows:

 As you may know I'm a talent buyer at Lefty's Live Music and here is a few shows you should check out.

Music DaVo is currently listening to:

Here's some of the albums that I've been listening to on Spotify. Click the link to open in Spotify

Well that is all for now,


July 5th, 2017