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Labia Piercings

We do both Labia Majora(Outer) and Libia Minora(Inner) and they are usually done slightly offset in sets of two. 

HISTORY Pretty much a modern piercing done through the outer(Labia Majora) or inner labias(Labia Minora).

ADVANTAGES: Sexual enhancement and can be used as a form of chastity.


DISADVANTAGES AND CONCERNS: No sexual contact without a latex barrier for 6 months and Interruption of sexual activity for 2-4 weeks.



The piercing must be cleaned twice daily, can not sleep on your stomach, cross-contamination prevention, and no swimming. The average healing time is 3-4 months

  • Healing Time:3 to 4 months
  • Common Jewelry:
  • 12g to 10g 7/16 to 1/2 for inner & 9/16 to 5/8
  • Axiom base with 12g Implant Grade Steel Captive Bead Ring - $85.00 / $160.00 for two
  • Pain level on a scale of 1-10: between 3-6

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For information on aftercare go to Basic Aftercare Instructions

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