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Since 1994

Full Body Piercing

With a focus on Safety and Education.
  • DaVo has been Piercing since 1994
  • Consultation on Every Piercing
  • Complete Aftercare Instructions Verbally and in Writing
  • All Equipment and Jewelry Autoclave Sterilize
  • All Jewelry Implant Grade Materials
  • No Bate and Switch - All prices include Jewelry.

Professional Body Piercing by DaVo

Only the Finest Body Piercing Jewelry
  • All Jewelry Certified Implant Grade
  • Only American and EU made Jewelry
  • Stored and Sold Sterile
  • High Quality High Polished
  • 1 Year Guarantee Replacement

High Quality Body Piercing Jewelry

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End the Support Doesn't End There

Aftercare and Support

Life Long Support
  • Free Jewelry Changes
  • Free Post Piercing Consultations
  • All Piercings Guaranteed for One Year
  • No Questions asked free jewelry replacement of Defective Jewelry for one year
  • DaVo Personally Answers Questions by e-mail or by phone