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Anodized Body Piercing Jewelry Pros & Cons - S02 EP41

In Season 2 Episode 41, DaVo covers the Pros and Cons of Anodized Body Piercing Jewelry. This video covers just about everything you would need to know before getting the piercings and include Pros & Cons, risks, what you should consider beforehand the piercing experience, healing, jewelry, living with the piercing, care, and abandoning the piercing. 

I aka DaVo have been a professional body piercer and the owner of the Axiom Body Piercing Studio in Des Moines, Iowa since 1994. My focus on education and helping clients make safe and informed decisions on getting pierced has always been a large part of my business practices and services. With my website and increasingly on youtube, I hope to expand and inform others outside of my small part of the world. I always encourage questions and comments, so if you have one, please comment. 

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Show Notes:

  • Anodizing is a process that changes the reflection of light on the surface of metals to change the color.


  • Anodizing was first used on an industrial scale to protect seaplane parts from corrosion.

  • Early methods involved chromic acid based process


  1. Many different colors

  2. Colors without dyes or plating

  3. safe for fresh piercings

  4. reduces corrosion

  5. can be redone


  1. Can Fade

  2. Only Titanium & Niobium

  3. No Red or Black

  4. plated on cheaper materials

  5. Removing may damage finish

Things to look for:

  • The jewelry should be solid Titanium or Niobium. Other materials can not be anodized and it maybe plated.

  • Well Established Manufacture with Third Party verified bio-compatible

  • Many studios offer anodizing on site for a small fee.

  • The studio should offer to sterilize the jewelry

Living with Anodized Jewelry:

  • There really is no additional care needed.

  • Jewelry that is more in contact with bodily fluids or clothing, will fade faster

  • The jewelry can be cleaned and re-anodized if needed

  • The color can even be adjusted with a higher voltage. You can go up but to go down, the oxidized layer much be removed.

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