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Sorry it's been a few months since I did a newsletter and yes I have been busy. Not only have I been working hard on booking and promoting shows at Lefty's Live Music but I had to completely rebuild my personal site. Also I started a new weekly Personal Vlog. So, I have a lot going on.


Axiom Body Piercing News:

The Latest Piercing Blog:

My Motivation For Piercing

A Blog that delves into my motivation and experiences working as a Professional Body Piercer since 1994.

Video Consultations and Aftercare and Youtube Channel:

The Axiom now has it's own Youtube Channel 

I've began adding video versions of my pre-piercing consultations and aftercare. So, far there is only one up but in the future I plan on adding one of each for each piercing. I'm hoping that this will add one more additional resource for those that are considering a piercing. They will also be added to this site. So, far I have one up:

Ear Piercings Consultation

Stay tuned for additional videos in the near future.

October Special:

$10 Off Piercings / $15 Off Nipple Piercings - October 2017 Specials

October Closures:

Closed Tuesday Oct 17th - Bruiser Queen / Fea

DaVo's Personal Site:

First off the site has gone through a complete rebuild with a structure that is more like the Axiom site. The main addition has been videos and Vlogs.

New Blogs on the Personal Site:

New Playlist Blog - Cowpunk

There are a number of Personal Blogs and At the Show Blogs in the works, so keep an eye out for them in the coming month.

Personal Vlogs:

With the completion of the new build of the site, I began adding Videos and a personal Weekly Vlog. They can also be found with a great deal of live footage from lefty's on DaVo's Youtube Channel

The Personal Vlogs are a combination of my feelings on a subject, places I've been to and live footage from Lefty's Live Music. In the future I have plans to expanding into local places of interest, local history, and my many interests. Usually they are posted early Thursday morning, so to get updates, please subscribe.

2010 Six Flags Great America

Footage of Quinn and I at Six Flags in 2010

DaVo Vlog #1 

Part one of our visit to the Iowa State Fair

DaVo Vlog #2 

Part two of our visit to the Iowa State Fair

DaVo Vlog #3

Part three of our visit to the Iowa State Fair

DaVo Vlog #4

Personal Vlog with footage of The Riff Raff, No Good Deed and Freakabout.

DaVo Vlog #5

Tour of Lefty's Live Music with a history of the building when it was Safari and Hairy Mary's and a little Slipknot history. Also live footage of Emily Davis and the Murder Police, Barnyard Stompers and Mountain Sprout.

DaVo Vlog #6

A short tour of Skin Kitchen Tattoo and the Axiom with live footage of Wood Chickens and Beard & Co.

DaVo Vlog #7

Personal Vlog about leaving the house with live footage from Broken Ones, Make Your Mark and the Legendary Shack Shaker.

DaVo Vlog #8

A Shorter Vlog but In this installment we have chili, DaVo's announcement about Punk Rock Mondays, Astro Bastards, Display Case, The Vibrators and Vultures.

Lefty's Live Music and DaVo News:

Punk Rock Mondays

DaVo along with Matthew James(Matthew James & the Rust Belt Union and Rumble Seat Riot) will begin bar tending and hosting Punk Rock Mondays on the Second and Fourth Monday of the Mouth. This will involve of course playing of the Punk Rock and it's many forms but will also include $2 PBR pints and good old fashion conversation. The idea is to create a night where you can come in without worrying about a cover or a band and socialize, network and relax. 

The Dates this month:

  • Monday October 9th -  6pm to Midnight
  • Monday October 23rd  -  6pm to Midnight

DaVo's Picks of Upcoming Show:

  • 10/7 - 21+ - 9pm - RI / HEMANN AND THE HULK / HOOKSHOT / NO GOOD DEED

    • Not only is RI going to put on an incredible show but everyone should check out two of what I feel are the most under rated of Des Moines Punk Bands - Hemann and the Hulks and No Good Deed. If you are local and call yourself a fan of Punk Rock and haven't seem either of these two bands, I'm just going to say "shame" bell ring, "Shame" bell ring, "Shame" bell ring.
  • 10/17 - All Ages - 5-9pm - BRUISER QUEEN / FEA

    • Female fronted Garage Punk and Joan Jett's Label's very own FEA. This show will leave you soaking wet and wanting gasping for more.
  • 11/3 - 21+ - 9pm - Captured by Robots / Skin of Earth

    • Yes it is the return of Captured by Robots who first played Des Moines back in 1997. CBR needs to be seen first hand to completely be understood. Not just a band with one human but a creator that has been enslaved by his creations.  Music that mixes metal, punk, industrial and rock plays the background to the theater of man vs machine. Also, the heaviest and most inventive of all local bands, the one, the mighty Skin of Earth.

    • There are few bands, even punk bands, that I can say captured the true essence of my life. In some twisted and unrelated way wrote a number of the songs that make up the sound track of my life. Swingin' Utters are not only one of those bands but they are high on my list of go to bands.

    • If there was ever four reasons to go out on a Thursday night and even call in sick the next day, they are listed above. From the punk rock humor and party of Guttermouth to the Punkabilly of Koffin Kats to the Garage Punk of The Atom Age to the haunting sounds of Gallows Bound this is almost a perfect show. If you haven't heard of these bands, please get out from under the rock you have been living under and experience a great time. 

Now pat yourself on the back because you now are up to date with what is going on at The Axiom Body Piercing Studio and with DaVo. Until next rime get out  the house, get a piercing, see a show or whatever adventure puts joy in your heart and makes your life better. See you soon.