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Well, here is the very first Axiom Newsletter. I plan on trying to keep these up monthly with news and up to date information about DaVo and The Axiom Body Piercing Studio. If you wish to have this delivered straight to your email inbox Subscribe here.

Axiom Body Piercing News:

DaVo celebrates 23 years of Body Piercing

May is my Body Piercing Anniversary month and to celebrate 23 years of piercing, back on May 23rd, I did a day's worth of $23 piercings with basic jewelry. It was great to see a few long time clients and to meet a few new ones. I plan on continuing this tradition next year on May 24th. Hopefully I will be blessed enough to continue piercing another year and do $24 piercing on the 24th of May, 2018. 

June Special 

The special for the month of June will be $15 dollars off the piercing of your choice on Wednesdays and Thursdays only. To get the details and the all important code word go here.

Piercing Blog of the Month

Continuing in my blog series Each Piercing Beaten to Death, This month I took on the Septum piercing. To learn more than maybe you ever wanted to know on the subject go to Septum Piercings Beaten to Death.

Skin Kitchen Tattoo Celebrates 20 Years

The Axiom Body Piercing Studio's sister studio and landlord is celebrating it's 20th year in business. Jack has been working on an on going renovation of the studio to mark that anniversary. Please stop by to watch the transformation evolve in the coming months. Also there was a party on Saturday and I believe there is a few more events planned in the future. To keep up to date go to their Facebook Page. DaVo and the Axiom feel honored to have been part of Skin Kitchen for going on 18 of that 20 years.

New Skin Kitchen Tattoo Hours

Though the Axiom Body Piercing Studio hours will continue to be Tuesday through Saturday from 3-9pm, Since many of you are also clients of theirs I though you might want to know that Skin Kitchen Tattoo will be changing their hours on June 1st, 2017 to the following:

  • Sunday - 2-8pm
  • Monday - 2-8pm
  • Tuesday - 2-8pm
  • Wednesday - Closed
  • Thursday - 2-8pm
  • Friday - 2-9pm
  • Saturday - 2-9pm

Latest DaVo News

Latest Personal Blogs:

I have been a little bit on the lazy side lately but I have a number of them plan for the new future. Including a couple At the Show blogs and maybe a new Playlist blogs. So, keep on eye on DaVo's personal site - 

The last Personal Blog by DaVo:


A blog about my experience growing up and living with Dyslexia.


Upcoming Shows:

I continue to work as a talent buyer at Lefty's Live Music and have had the pleasure of not only bring a number of bands to the venue but simply enjoying them. Some upcoming shows that I'm excited about are:

If you wondering what I'm currently listening to at the Studio. Here's the current playlist with some great stuff from At the Drive-In, Noise, NOFX, Rancid, Cock Sparrer, Descendents, MT. Eddy and the Atom Age:

042017 New Stuff

Well, that's all for now.


May 30th, 2017