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Lip Piercing

Lip and Labret piercing what's the difference?

A Lip piercing is done at an upward angle through the part of the lip that protrudes outward. Due to its placement, a ring or curved barbell is best. Wearing a Labret stud in a lip piercing can cause damage to your teeth and will tend to catch on your teeth.

History: The Lip is piercings done by many tribes in South America, Africa, and the Inuit and Pacific Northwestern Indian Tribes. One case is the women of the Sara tribe of Central Africa use saucer-shaped plugs to spread or stretch the lip after slitting.

ADVANTAGES: Other than adornment the piercings really have no other advantage or use.

DISADVANTAGES & CONCERNS: Due to the location of the piercings they are prone to causing damage to teeth and gums. Though Lip piercings are the lowest risk of all oral piercings.

MAIN HASSLES: The piercing must be cleaned twice daily during healing which is on an average 2-3 months. For the first 2-4 weeks, the Aftercare for Oral Piercings must be followed. Also, a change of diet is called for up to 2 weeks. The worst part of lip piercing is the swelling in the first 1-5 days which can eating and speech difficult. A change in diet Is need to reduce swelling. We suggest cutting down on your intake of alcohol, tobacco, spicy foods, and ingesting other harass items. Also, cross-contamination prevention is needed(such as no deep mouth kissing for 8 weeks).

  • Healing Time is 8-12 weeks. Oral aftercare must be followed for the first 2-4 weeks & Above Neck aftercare for the first 8-12 weeks.
  • Common Jewelry 16g to 10g 3/8 to 1/2 inch ring.
  • Axiom base with 16g Implant Grade Steel Captive Bead Rings - $65.00
  • Groupings(Snake Bites, etc...) with 16g Implant Grade Steel Captive Bead Rings - $10.00
  • Pain level on a scale of 1-10 is between 2-3

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