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Dydoe Piercing

The Dydoe piercing for the most part is a modern invention. The piercing is placed through the ridge of the glans of the penis. Traditionally these are done on each side of the glands but can be for the most part placed where ever the ridge is pronounced enough. It is thought to increase or replace the sensation and sensitivity that is lost from being circumcised. Whether this is true or not really is debatable.


Increased sexual enjoyment for the wearer and partner and decorative. 


Due to the location of the piercing, it is more prone to abuse during sexual activity and needs extra care and time during healing. No sexual contact without a latex barrier for 6 months. Interruption of sexual activity.

Also, the piercing is prone to migration and rejection.


The piercing must be cleaned twice daily, can not sleep on your stomach, cross-contamination prevention, and no swimming. The average healing time is 2-4 months.

Healing Time:2 to 4 months

Common Jewelry: 14g to 12g 3/8 to 1/2 Curved Barbell

Axiom base price with 14g Implant Grade Steel Curved Barbell - $90.00 / $170.00 for two

Pain level on a scale of 1-10: between 4-6

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For aftercare information go to Basic Aftercare Instructions