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Is My Piercing Healed? Body Piercing Basics EP123

In the 1223rd episode of DaVo's Youtube series Body Piercing Basics, DaVo answers the question, When do I know my piercing is healed? In this video, he covers the stages of healing and what is normal.

Show Notes:

Stages of Healing:

  1. Hemostasis -

    1. The body forms scabs at the piercing holes entrances. Inside the wound red blood cells and platelets work to stop internal bleeding.

    2. The Collagen fibers in the walls of the blood vessels activate platelets to help form a barrier or plug to prevent additional bleeding and stop pathogens from entering the wound in the bloodstream.

  2. Inflammatory -

    1. During the second phase Neutrophils white blood cells, enter the area and remove any debris and bacteria that could cause infection or impede healing.

    2. Next Mactophage white blood cells move into the area and do a deep clean of dead cells and other debris.

    3. The flow of blood is increased in the area to increase and speed up the effect of this process.

    4. Normally you will experience redness, soreness, fever, drainage that is clear/white, and swelling. This is a reaction to the trauma and damage caused by the piercing.

  3. Proliferative / Healing

    1. Fibroblasts move into the wound. This cell secretes collagen and other fibers while contracting and pulling the outside edges of the wound towards the center of the piercing.

    2. This is continued until the tissue in the center connects. This is why moving the jewelry or changing jewelry during this phase can prolong healing.

  4. Maturation / Seasoning

    1. The tissue thickens and expands

    2. No care is needed

    3. Can take up to two years

    4. The body can continue to produce discharge

Signs that the piercing is healed

  1. The piercing holes will become rounded and pull inward

  2. The discharge will reduce or completely stop

  3. The jewelry will move through the piercing easily

What to do if you are unsure?

  1. Continue cleaning, cross-contamination prevention, and isolating the piercing

  2. Do Not Change the Jewelry until you are sure it is healed. If you need to downsize see your piercer or at the least use a guide pin.

  3. See your piercer and have them access the piercing

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