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To reduce our Clients' and Artists' exposure to the virus, we will be limiting access to the Studio. 

If you are interested in getting pierced, you can set up an appointment through the Axiom Facebook page, by email at, If you would like to walk-in, just call when you get to the door. The Piercing Policy will be:

  • The door will be locked and you will need to call when you arrive. If DaVo isn't available, you may set up an appointment for the next available time.

  • Only one person other than the client getting pierced will be allowed in the studio building. That person must be over 18 years of age.

  • If the person getting pierced is a minor, the only other person that will be allowed in will be the minor's legal guardian.

  • If you feel that you may have the virus or are showing symptoms of the virus, please do not come in for a piercing.

For additional information on Tattooing and Skin Kitchen Tattoo's Policies go to

Please stay well, healthy and be safe during this crisis. We hope to get through this as quickly as possible and return to our normal operations as soon as we can. 


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