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Questions relating The Axiom Body Piercing Studio.

Axiom Frequently Asked Questions

The Axiom is a Body Piercing Studio that is now located inside the Skin Kitchen( The Axiom is a completely separate and complete business and has complete autonomy from the Skin Kitchen. Basically the Skin Kitchen is my Landlord.

The story behind the name is that originally the studio was going to be call Pagan's but I felt it might give the wrong expression because of the many misconceptions of the word Pagan. So, the woman I was seeing at the time Anna, looked up the definition in the Dictionary and it said, "To believe something is Axiomatic." After looking up the definition of Axiom, I knew I had the right name.

The Oxford Companion to the English Language, © Tom McArthur 1992 defines Axiom as, "[15c: from Latin axioma, Greek axioma something worthy or appropriate]. (1) A generally accepted principle or rule, especially when framed as a brief statement; a self-evident truth considered to require no proof: What goes up must come down. Compare Truism. (2) In logic, mathematics, and sometimes linguistics, a proposition assumed without the provision of proof, for the sake of studying the consequences that follow from it. In the linguistic theory of Noam Chomsky, it is axiomatic that a language consists of an indefinite number of grammatically well-formed sentences. Compare Premiss/Premise. See Logic, Saying. [Language]."

The business name was first come up with when I was piercing at Creative Images but I didn't really use it until The Axiom opened it's doors on March 28, 1995. This was at the old location of 412 1/2 E. 5th in Des Moines. In case you are wondering The first piercing was a nostril about 20 minutes after we opened. I moved the Axiom and began sub-leasing for the Skin Kitchen in October of 1999. The Axiom is a separate business from the Skin Kitchen. We only share address and sometimes office supplies. for more information on the Axiom go to ?The Axiom History Page. To avoid confusion The Axiom uses the Est. 1994 which is when I first started sub-contracting as a piercer at Creative Images.

It is always best to set up an appointment, especially if you are on a tight schedule. To do that go to our Booking Page.

We will try to do walk-ins when we can but understand that if there is a scheduled appointment it will have a priority over anyone just walking in. Meaning if we have an appointment at 6 pm and 6:30 pm and you walk in at 5:45 pm, you will have to wait until both of the other appointments are done. So, it might not be until after 7 pm that we will be able to get to your piercing.

The normal Business hours are located at the bottom of the page. Thursday Through Monday from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m.

The Axiom Body Piercing Studio is located inside of Skin Kitchen Tattoo. SKT and the Axiom are located at in our new location at 3800 Douglas Ave. / Des Moines, Iowa 50310 on the Southwest corner of 38th and Douglas Ave.

The piercing area is located in a separate room with a door.

Yes, you are welcome to stop by and visit in advance of getting your piercing. If you would like a consultation on the piercing just ask for DaVo and as soon as I'm free I'll be happy to provide you with as much information as I can. You can even set up a 15-minute appointment by going to our Booking Page

Yes, by all means but only if you feel that you are satisfied with the piercing. The piercing fee is what I'm paid to do the piercing, if you feel that I did a really good job then feel free to express that with a tip.

I feel that our prices are not only fair but affordable. I have noticed that there is an increasing number of studios in the area that are charging a great deal more. Often they will justify this by stating high quality jewelry or they are a member of a professional piercing association. So, higher prices do not always mean better piercings.

Also always ask if the price you are being quote includes jewelry. Many studios will use "Bait and Switch". Quoting a price on the phone or through e-mail and then once you get there it's a huge additional cost for jewelry. Plus Aftercare products you don't need. I had a recent client that was quoted $60 for a piercing and when it was all done and said it was $240.

Now there is a value to the art and if you are wondering why all my piercings aren't $25, this is because of my experience, the quality of the jewelry I stock and all the additional overhead involved in ensuring that your piercing is performed well and with the most limited amount of risk. This is also cause I'm good at what I do and you get what you pay for.

Remember this is your body and you only get one of them. If your health and well being is important to you, the price shouldn't be as much of a consideration as the experience of the piercer and the quality of the jewelry they stock.

When it comes to getting a piercing you should always consider the experience of the person doing the piercing and not the price.

No, I will change your jewelry free of charge regardless of where you purchased the jewelry. The only exception is if I have to use a taper pin to insert the jewelry and that would be $5.00 per. I will also Autoclave jewelry if you request.

No with only one exception, Dermal Implants or Micro Dermals. Since often removal requires more time and added experiences, I charge $20,00 for each removal.

The Body Piercing & Tattooing channel is a YouTube Channel started by DaVo(Axiom Body Piercing) & Jack Lowe(Skin Kitchen Tattoo in January of 2018. The idea behind the channel was to create educational content about Body Piercing & Tattooing. Currently, the channel has 4 weekly series Body Piercing Basics, Pros & Cons by a PIercer, Q&A in the Kitchen Podcast, and the Studio Update.

For additional information go to the channel's website -