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Frequently Asked Questions about piercings located above the neck, including Ear Piercing, Facial Piercings and Oral Piercings.

FAQ about Above the Neck Piercings

Ear piercing - I have yet to see one single clinical or otherwise cases of ear piercing causing or possibly causing paralysis. There is a possibility of causing tissue damage if the piercing is done incorrectly or the piercing becomes infected.

Eyebrow piercing - Well, this one depends on who you talk to. I have to guess that since I have yet to see one single clinical or otherwise case of eyebrow piercing causing or possibly causing paralysis that either the thousands of piercers out there doing them are damn lucky or there isn't much to this. Any way the piercing should never be preformed in the middle of the eyebrow. It should be placed on the outside edge or center of the brow. The reason is there is a nerve grouping in the middle of the brow and damage to it could cause problems and in theory, paralysis

The most common concern is that it will somehow signify one's sexual orientation. Like the mullet, this is an idea from the 80s that has gone out of style. Chance are someone came up with it because they were tired of having their sexual orientation being questioned. There are some sexual subcultures that which side the piercing is one is a signal to your role in the sub-culture but unless you are an active member of the sub-culture I doubt it ever comes up.

That said, everyone has a right side and I suggest that you consider the following three questions:

  • 1. Do you picture the piercing more on one side or the other or does it seem more comfortable to you on one side?
  • 2. Which side of your body do you sleep on or with ears answer the phone with? Limiting the contact and abuse your fresh piercing gets the faster it will heal and the less risk of problems with healing the piercing.
  • 3. Which profile do you like best? A piercing is going to draw attention to that side. So if you like your left profile, piercing that side cause it will draw attention to that side of your face

Everyone is different and has a different idea of beauty and if you go with your instincts, often you will be more comfortable with the placement.