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Buying Jewelry Online

Though The Axiom uses a number of Manufacture to keep jewelry quality up while keeping prices down. Since we no longer do special orders or stock some of the more exterme jewelry, here is a couple of links I would suggest if you are looking for jewelry on line. The reason I like both of these sites is that they list who in fact manufactured the jewelry which gives you a better understand of the quality of the jewelry. Also last I checked both of these sites will sterilize the jewelry before shipping it.

Whenever in doubt about buying jewelry or if you have just would like a suggestion, please contact me at or through the contact page.

Retail online sales:

Diablo Body Jewelry - Stock only American Made Jewelry form Neometal, Anatomental, LeRoi, Industrial Strength, Body Circle, etc...

Steel Navel - - Stocks jewelry from Anatometal, Body Circle, Industrial Strength, Glasswear Studios, and Kaos Softwear. - If you are looking for plugs, glasswear and organic jewelry, they have one of the best sellections.

Tribalectic - Stock the best manufactures in the business, Anatometal, Body Circle and Industrial Strength.