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Is Your Piercer or Studio Up To Industry Standards? Piercing Standards & Policies - Body Piercing Basics EP130

In the 130th episode of Body Piercing Basics DaVo covers the industry standards that should be expected at a professional body piercing studio.

Show Notes:

  1. Piercer Education:

    1. Required to do at least 250 supervised piercings

    2. Required to do at least 10 of each type of piercing successfully under supervision

    3. Piercer is educated and certified in Cross-Contamination Prevention and Blood Borne Pathogens.

    4. The piercer should be trained in First Aid

  2. Pre-Piercing Consultation should include:

    1. Avera02ge Healing Time

    2. Risks & Hazard involved in getting and having the piercing

    3. Basic Care during the healing time. Including use of a sterile saline spray

    4. Cross-contamination Prevention

    5. Any additional steps are needed to ensure the long-term health of the piercing. For example, downsizing jewelry

    6. Normal reactions

    7. Changes needed during and after the healing in diet, clothing, sleeping, habits, etc…

    8. Discussion of the client’s Health and Medical Conditions

    9. Discussion of any medication, controlled or uncontrolled substances that the client is taking

    10. Discussion of any allergic or reactions that the client may have with any of the products used during the piercing or healing

    11. Any long term goals the client may have

  3. Jewelry:

    1. Jewelry is certified by a third party to be made of Implant Grade Materials

    2. Jewelry should be of the highest quality

    3. Jewelry should not be outdated styles such as externally threaded barbells.

    4. The Jewelry should be inspected to ensure it is void of defects

    5. All jewelry should be brand new and unused

    6. Jewelry should be sterile either available in a sterile pouch that has already been correctly sterilized in an autoclave or sterilized at the time of purchase or piercing.

  4. Sterilization, Decontamination, and Disinfection:

    1. The studio has on-site a maintained and tested Autoclave sterilizer

    2. All items used during a piercing or jewelry change should be either pre-sterilized single-use or sterilized on site. With the exception of Gloves.

    3. All items that are reused:

      1. Are decontaminated by soaking in a hospital-grade disinfectant for a minimum of 60 minutes.

      2. Then rinse under running water and place in an ultrasonic tank for a minimum of 20 minutes.

      3. Then placed in a sterilization pouch and sterilized and stored until needed or ran in an unwrapped cycle and immediately used.

    4. Set up areas like Mayo Stand Trays, are to be disinfected with a medical-grade hard surface disinfectant before and after each client.

    5. Surfaces and commonly touched surfaces are disinfected regularity,

    6. Needles and other contaminated items are to be deposed in a clearly marked and locked biohazard container and then disposed of as medical waste.

  5. Gloves and Scrubbing:

    1. Hands should be washed:

      1. When entering the piercing area

      2. When leaving the cleanroom

      3. Before doing a procedure of any kind

      4. After doing a procedure of any kind

    2. Gloves should be put on:

      1. When handling sterile or contaminated items during set up and tear down

      2. When changing jewelry

      3. When troubleshooting a piercing

      4. When sizing jewelry

    3. Gloves should be changed

      1. After setting up and before doing the piercing

      2. When tearing down

      3. When additional items are needed and the gloves are contaminated

  6. Piercer & Employee Conduct

    1. Should conduct themselves in a professional but friendly manner

    2. Should not discriminate based on creed, religion, gender, gender identity, race, and/or sexual orientation.

    3. Should not sexually, physically, and/or verbally harass a client, fellow employee, or the general public.

    4. Should not misrepresent themselves, their skill levels, or abilities.

    5. Should be willing to refuse to do piercings or service:

      1. If the incorrect jewelry isn’t in stock

      2. If the piercing is above their skill level

      3. If the client’s anatomy, age, or health will result in poor results.

      4. If the piercing has a poor success rate or is prone to issues

      5. If the piercer is unsure of whether or not the client is consenting to the piercing or is unable to consent to the piercing.

      6. If the piercing will do long-term damage to the client’s health, mental health, and/or self-image.

  7. Minors

    1. Before piercing anyone under the age of 18 or what is considered the legal age of adulthood, must require the consent of that minor’s legal guardian.

    2. Consent must be obtained in person and the guardian signing a consent waiver or a consent letter that has been verified by a third-party notary.

    3. The piercer should refuse to do the piercing if they feel the minor is going to be unable to take care of the piercing.

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