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When Can I Re Pierce? - Body Piercing Basics EP103

In the 103rd episode in our Youtube series Body Piercing Basics, DaVo answers the question, When Can I Re-Pierce?

Show Notes:

What happens when you abandon a piercing

Normal abandoned piercings:

  • Full formed piercing

    • tunnel

    • indention scars

  • Unhealed Piercings

    • Small circular wound

    • should look like a healing wound and should be monitored and treated

  • rejection and migration:

    • Can look like the tissue is splitting

    • the wound may be larger

    • increased scarring

    • maybe just like a healthy piercing

  • Damaged PIercings

    • Usually larger wound, more like a cut than a puncture

    • Should be treated as a cut and often requires covering

  • Infections:

    • The Piercing Doesn’t Need to be Abandoned to heal the infection

    • Jewelry should only be removed if you are under treatment.

    • Should heal like an unhealed piercing depending on how far you are into the healing

  • Bumps:

    • Bumps should fade if they don’t seek medical attention

    • scarring should be like an unhealed piercing

What should you do while it closes

  • Healed

    • If there is no bleeding or damage, there is nothing you need to do

  • Unhealed or damaged

    • Treat it like any other wound

What it depends on:

  • Was the Piercing Healthy

  • Was the Piercing Rejecting, Migrating, and/or Damaged

  • Was there bumps or scarring

  • Was there an infections

What should you look for:

  • The area should look healthy and healed

  • With rejection, migration, and damage - the tissue between the surface and the piercing has thickened

  • Bumps - when they have completely gone away

  • Infections - when there are no signs of infection

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