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Axiom Policies and Procedures

Below are the basic policies of the Axiom. As a business owner, a responsible employer & Piercing Artist, I feel that these should not be a special case and that all clients should receive the care and consideration outlined below. It's a simple way of doing business, involving doing it right, and caring about your client's health and well-being. If you have any questions or comments regarding these, have had a problem at the Axiom in the past, or would simply like to make a suggestion feel free to contact me at


Education requirements for piercers are as follows:

  • No employee may perform or practice piercings without supervision that has not:
    • Completed at least 250 supervised piercings and has successfully executed at least 10 piercings of that type under supervision. 
    • Has completed a year or more of a formal apprenticeship in another studio.
  • Annually piercers must complete correctly an exam covering sterilization, disinfection, and cross-contamination prevention methods.

Employee cleaning responsibilities:

  • All floors are to be mopped or vacuumed daily.
  • Bathroom fixtures are to be disinfected daily.
  • All surfaces are to be disinfected daily or as needed.
  • All commonly touched items (light switches, doorknobs, phones, etc....) are to be disinfected daily.
  • All trash that is not contaminated is to be removed from the studio daily, especially food items.

Employee's hygiene:

  • All employees must wear clean & appropriate attire.
  • All employees must wash their hands with an antibacterial soap & warm running water whenever:
  • Using the restroom.
  • Before & after handling contaminated items (this includes handling items with gloves).
  • Before entering & after leaving then piercing area.
  • Before handling sterile packages and/or items.
  • Before entering or leaving the sterilization area.


  • Gloves are to be worn and changed:
    • During piercings & changes whenever there is a chance of the gloves causing cross-contamination.
    • Whenever handling or cleaning contaminated items.
    • Whenever changing jewelry or handling sterile items.
    • Gloves are to be removed and replaced with a new pair whenever touching any surface other than the piercing set up area or there is a chance of cross-contamination.
    • Gloves are not to be re-used in any situation.

Controlled & uncontrolled substances:

  • The use of any controlled or uncontrolled substance in or around the studio during normal business hours is prohibited.
  • No employee is to be under the influence of any controlled or uncontrolled substance during working hours.
  • Piercing anyone while under the influence is prohibited.
  • Any employee that is found under the influence during his/her working hours will be terminated without notice & will forfeit any and all wages or monies owed and/or apprentice fees that have been paid.

Ear Piercing Device / Ear Piercing Guns

The use of ear piercing guns, devices, and/or machines is prohibited.


  • Minors shall not be pierced without one of the following forms of consent:
    • A legal guardian is present and signs a consent form.
    • A notarized letter of consent signed by the minor's legal guardian.


  • The following items are to be, before using, packaged, autoclaved & stored properly until needed:
    • Singles use items: needles, cork, all jewelry & cotton-tipped applicators.
    • Re-usable items: all forceps, needle receiving tubes, taper pins, tools & calipers.
  • Autoclave cleaning and maintenance must be done weekly or as needed.
  • At least 12 times a year an independent spore test is to be conducted.
  • The following items are to be purchased as single-use single wrapped & sterile: gauze, surgical scrub swabs, or pads.


  • Surfaces, commonly touched items are to be disinfected using a bleach-based cleaner or hospital-grade cleaner.
  • Re-usable contaminated items are to be disinfected before being packaged and autoclaved as follows:
    • Soaked in a hard surface cleaner for at least 60 minutes.
    • Rinse under warm running water.
    • Blood, tissue & micro-organisms are to be removed by using one of the following methods:
    • Placing items in an ultrasonic tank for a minimum of 20 minutes or scrubbed using a brush, Hibiclens & warm water with at least 60 seconds of friction.
    • Rinse under running warm water.
    • Allowed to dry in an air-tight container.
  • The piercing setup area is to be disinfected with a hard surface cleaner before & after piercing, jewelry changes other procedures, or cases of contamination.
  • The Hard surface cleaner is to be of an active dialdehyde type & to be changed at the end of the active cycle.

Contaminated Items

  • Contaminated items are to be disposed of using a well-marked biohazard container and a licensed medical waste disposal contractor.

Piercee Consultation

  • All piercees are to receive a consultation before & during filling out the release form that covers the following:
    • The minimum healing time for the first and second stages of healing.
    • Risks or hazards involved in getting and healing the piercing.
    • Basic care and cleaning instructions
    • Normal reactions experienced during/after the piercing & during the healing period.
    • Any and all changes that will need to be taken involve personal habits, clothing, and diet. Also, any steps that will need to be taken to prevent problems during the healing and after.
    • A discussion for the piercee's health and medical conditions that may be affected and/or cause complications during and/or after the piercing procedure.
    • What and/or any medications, controlled and/or uncontrolled substances the piercee is under the influence of and what reaction and/or problems may arise during and/or after the piercing procedure.
  • Age/Minors:
    • If the piercee is under the age of 25 years of age, they are to ID the piercee to determine if they are above the age of 18 years of age.
    • If the piercee is a minor(under the age of 18) then documentation is to be reviewed and verified.

Employee conduct:

  • All employees must conduct themselves in a professional manner.
  • Any of the following actions are grounds for termination of employment, sub-contract, or apprenticeship with the forfeit of wages due and/or any apprenticeship fees collected:
    • Any and all comments, actions, and/or forms of statements are considered to not be in accordance with any federal and/or state statutes
    • regarding civil rights, discrimination of any kind based on creed, religion, sex, gender, gender identity, race, and/or sexual orientation.
    • Sexual, physical, and/or verbal harassment of a client, fellow employee, and/or the general public.
    • Misrepresenting themselves and/or their abilities in any way.
    • Committing, being involved with, and/or being convicted of criminal activity during and/or after business hours while employed or contracted in any way by the Axiom.
    • Employees have the right to refuse service to anyone if just cause can be shown.


  • All Jewelry is new and has never been worn.
  • All Jewelry is to be inspected and found to be free of defects before packaging and autoclaving.
  • All Jewelry must be made of the following metal and/or material:
    • Solid 316L or 316LVM or better implant grade stainless surgical steel. ASTM-F138-86
    • Solid implant grade niobium. ASTM-B392
    • Solid implant grade titanium 614v. ASTM-F136, also known as titanium 6/4.
    • Solid 14kt or better gold.
    • Glass
  • Used jewelry may never be resold but if the piercee/client brings in a piece of jewelry it can be used and/or inserted after it has been disinfected and sterilized in the proper manner.
  • There is no charge to change or insert jewelry.