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Regardless of how well your piercing was preformed, the real work has began. While a piercing is healing it is an open wound and a number of precautions need to be taken to reduce not only the likelihood of infection but to insure that the piercing heals correctly. When you consideration that often piercings will take a long period of time, there is an increased likelihood that no matter how careful you are, you are going to make a mistake and introduce a foreign pathogen to the open piercing. The Axiom Aftercare Instructions are designed to not only reduce the likelihood of cross contamination and help the body to heal the piercing but insure that if you make a mistake the issue can be addressed quickly and effectively.

This section includes for download the current Aftercare Instructions handed out after every piercing at the Axiom and the suggested Minor Consent Form. If you have any questions, please contact DaVo at or by phone at 515-966-4814 or 515-255-4430.

Basic Aftercare Instructions

The Axiom Basic Aftercre Instructions

Oral Aftercare Instructions

The Axiom Oral Aftercre Instructions

Pre-Piercing Check List

Pre-Piercing Check list. Things to consider and do before getting a piercing.

Parental Consent Letter

The Axiom's suggested conent letter.

Piercing Blogs that relate to Aftercare

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I will pierce minors but .... a parent and child guide.

I will pierce minors but .... a parent and child guide.

Thrush And Oral Piercings

Information on preventing thrush while healing piercings.

Piercing Infections And Other Problems

Information on Infections and Other Problems

When Not To Get Pierced

Knowing when not to get pierced