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Policy on Piercing Minnors

DaVo and the Axiom Body Piercing Studio will pierce minors with the consent of a legal guardian. There is no Iowa State or local law prohibiting or regulating the piercing of minors. However, for ethical reasons we will not pierce minors without consent. Other then the belief that it is ethically wrong, there is the issue of liability. Since a minor is not legally responsible for their own action, signing a release form has no legal baring.

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$35 Piercings On Wednesdays till July 29th

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Starting Wednesday July 24th, 2015 until July 29th, 2015, come into the the studio on any Wednesday and use the code word "Googoo muck" and get the piercing of your choice with basic jewelry for $35. 


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Dydoe Piercing

The Dydoe piercing for the most part is a modern invention. The piercing is placed through the ridge of the glands of the penis. Traditionally these are done on

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Ear Piercings Photo Gallery

Ear Piercings by DaVo at the Axiom

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Jewelry Types and Styles


There is a great deal of different shapes and styles of jewelry on the market and when it comes to piercing. The piercer has to decide what will work best. Which may not be what the piercee would like to have. Always remember when choosing jewelry style that after the piercing is healed the choice of styles that you can wear will increase. I've list the most common types:


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Jewelry Metals and Materials

No matter how well the piercing is placed or how well it is taken care of, if the jewelry is substandard, the wrong size and/or made of a material that is improper, problems will still present themselves through out and after the healing. Over the first 4 years or so, the Axiom was in business, I did business with at least 20 different manufacturers in the search for the best quality jewelry at a good price. A lot of work goes into a good piece of jewelry, it takes proper metals, well manufactured ends/tips, true bends and high polish finishes.

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Gauge and Sizing

Gauge is the thickness of the jewelry which is based on the American Standard Wire Gauge. It starts at 36g and goes to 0g. The larger the number the thinner the wire will be. When choosing a gauge to be pierced at, the piercer must decide which is thick enough to reduce migration and tearing but thin enough to not add too much weight. See gauge to mm/inch conversion chart below for more information.


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Buying Jewelry Online

Though The Axiom uses a number of Manufacture to keep jewelry quality up while keeping prices down. Since we no longer do special orders or stock some of the more exterme jewelry, here is a couple of links I would suggest if you are looking for jewelry on line. The reason I like both of these sites is that they list who in fact manufactured the jewelry which gives you a better understand of the quality of the jewelry. Also last I checked both of these sites will sterilize the jewelry before shipping it.

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Body Piercing Jewelry


This is a basic overview of Body Piercing Jewelry and what types the Axiom Body Piercing Studio Stocks and sells.  Having the correct jewelry can not only effect the healing of a new piercing but can cause unforseen problems with a healed piercing. In this section, I've tried to put together a basic guide to Body Jewelry. This is by no means the end all source for what is out there but what I've found to give the best results
Click on the links below for more information:
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Male Genital Piercings Gallery

Male Genital Piercing By DaVo at the Axiom

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