New Personal Site

Well, it's been a long time coming but I'm hitting the last round of adding content to the new Personal site -

After years of posting personal blogs about music, my life, job, etc... I decided that it was high time to pull all that out of the business site. The new site is Drupal 8 and on a new host service. Over the next couple of weeks, I will start to unpublish content from this site that have been added to the new site. 

Once done, I will begin to restructure and then start to design a new Drupal 8 site. I'm hoping that this will make the site here a lot easier to use and much cleaner.

Things that will or already will be moved into the new site:


  1. DaVo's Bodyart pages - finished
  2. Anything relating to music:
    1. Slipknot History - Finished
    2. 2307 University History - Finished
    3. Axiom Promotions - Finished
    4. Album Reviews - Finished
    5. Live Reviews - Finished
  3. Blogs
    1. DaVo's Personal Blog - Almost finished
    2. DaVo's Spotify Blog - Just Starting

All the piercing related content will be staying right here including the studio information, piercing information, DaVo's Piercing blog and the Every Piercing Beaten to Death. 

Once the personal site is completed, I will begin to build the new version of this site. Not only will it be Drupal 8 but should be a great deal easier to navigate.

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