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New Gem Threaded Jewelry

Got a number of new pieces in today and for a limited time, mention that you saw the new jewelry on the site and get any of the following pieces for $15.00:

  • 16g 5/16 jeweled internally threaded labret studs in a number of colors. Will fit most labret piercings(Beauty Marks, Snake Bites, etc..) and a number of ear piercings including tragus, helix, lobe etc...
  • 16g 1/4, 5/16 and 3/8 internally threaded labret stud with clear gems.
  • 16g 5/16, 3/8 and 7/16 curved barbells with clear gem ends. Will fit most eyebrow piercings, Roak, Daith, and snug piercings
  • 14g 7/16 internally threaded curved barbells in a number of colors including for the first time Hot Pink. 

 Also there is only a little over two weeks to take advantage of the 19th Anniversary Special. Any piercing $35 with basic jewelry when you mention the code word "Lulu".

Both Specials must be redeemed between the date of this post and May 31, 2013

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