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Half Priced Piercings. DaVo's Broken Wrist closed Indefinitely


Monday night while I was Skateboarding with my son, fell and broke my wrist. So, for at the least the next week, The Axiom will be closed and I'm able to pierce. In the mean time Dakota will be piercing at SKT on Sunday and Mondays. 

I think the worst nightmare of anyone who is self employed is not to be able work for a long period time due to health problems,  Piercing is my only source of income and this situation has put me in a spot of being without income for up to 6 months. To try and keep myself some what solvent during this, I'm selling advance piercing at half price and jewelry by appointment. I will be accepting payment through paypal and if you would like set up a time to buy jewelry call me at 515-966-4814.

If you buy a piercing I will contact you by e-mail to set up an appointment as soon as I'm piercing again.


Thank you to everyone that bought prepaid piercings. However now that I'm back in the studio, I'm no longer offering this offer. However I do plan on offering new specials in the near future.


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